How to Snorkel Without Getting Your Hair Wet

First, let me begin by saying that when you have a daughter who enjoys photography, the chances of you being photographed in a non-flattering way are extremely high. As they say, we all have to laugh at ourselves once in while, so when our family saw this picture we all laughed out loud. And so I share the following picture taken during our holiday in the Maldives, as I snorkeled without getting my hair wet in complete oblivion to my daughter sneaking a photo-op. What was I doing? What was I thinking?

Snorkeling without getting your hair wet goes hand in hand with the famous swimming without getting your hair wet technique. Go back in time to the New York City beaches of the 1960’s. It was then that as a child I met my first role models of swimming without getting your hair wet. These glamorous gals all with their beehive hairdos, which absolutely could not be submerged, cigarettes in hand, would stand in a foot of ocean water talking with their girlfriends.

I too have mastered the art of swimming without getting my hair wet from years of experience. As my children know, the pool water has to be 85 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for me to plunge in completely. I promise you that the water temperature in the picture was at least this and that I did officially and very professionally snorkel during our week visit in the Maldives. However, on this particular afternoon, after having spent most of the day in the water, I was by then dried off, and the intention was just to walk in the water behind our villa. The temptation was too high to see something that triggered my curiosity in the water. And so my friends, I share this Kodak moment.

Somehow I don’t look as glamorous as those 1960’s gals I remembered. Perhaps it’s the hairdo!


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