Meet Maya

I am finally sitting down to write and introduce you to one of the most beautiful furry girls in the world, our chocolate Labrador Retriever, Maya.

For short we call her,

M A Y A   P A P A Y A    J A M B A L A Y A

Maya’s First London Christmas 2011

Just kidding, although we do call her variations of the above and anything to do with delicious chocolate. Her color is shiny chocolate brown like devils food cake, and her eyes are a yellow honey color. Maya was named after the Maya Indians of Mexico who were the first to make a bitter chocolate concoction out of cacao beans as early as the sixth century A.D.  The word chocolate comes from the Maya word xocoatl, which means bitter water. But there’s nothing bitter about Maya, just the opposite, she is sweetness embodied.

The Day We Brought Maya Home
May 2007
One of my all time favorite pictures, Maya sleeping on my legs.

Maya joined our family in 2007 when we moved from Connecticut to Pennsylvania. She is the third Labrador we raise. Maya is now 5 years old. She passed her AKC (American Kennel Club) CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test at less than 1 year old. She also received her TDI, Therapy Dog International certification at 1½ years old. This allows us to share Maya in different settings like nursing homes or schools. Currently, we are looking to visit a local hospice. She is a happy, gentle, submissive, overly friendly dog who has made many friends along the way.

Maya now resides in London with us. She loves city living because she and I go on some amazing daily walks together. Rain or shine, she inspires me to get out of the house. Maya is allowed to go off-leash in most parks in London. She is even allowed on public transportation. So far she’s only been on the bus.

I’ll share other stories along the way. I don’t want to sound like the bragging mother. I will add, that one of my happiest moments of the day is when we first greet each other in the morning and I say to her, “God gave us another day together”, and she reciprocates with a total body wag and looking for the “gift” to carry in her mouth.  She is a daily reminder of what’s good in this world and she makes me live a more “mindful” existence. Can you tell I love dogs? And not just mine, all dogs. P.S. I like cats too.

Maya Discovers London
Maya smiles for the Camera

3 thoughts on “Meet Maya

  1. As a dog lover, I can appreciate the wonderful relationship you share with Maya. She is beautiful! What a great companion you have for your kid-free moments of the day. Our poor Tevez (5 year old cockapoo) sits at home alone while we are all off at work and school. I miss the days when I was working part-time and could share more of my day with Tevez. Enjoy every moment!
    Tu vieja amiga,

  2. Cousin Ari. and yes I am allowed to call you Ari because as as a child I simply could not pronounce your name. LOL. I never would have thought myself a dog person, but when I entered my current relationship I “inherented” 2 pitbulls and I thought in the beginning, oh my god. I have grown to absolutely ador these animals and when I tell you that I cherish the moment when Bella an 85lb pure pit thinks she is a lap dog, well only a dog lover would understand the love. I heard maya rings a bell to be let out? Is that true! Maya is beautiful. Love to all.

    1. Hi Cousin Alex,
      I loved your dogs in the pictures you shared. I am so happy you have had this great experience to have dogs in your life. We had friends whose Golden Retriever ran a service bell to go outside. So we trained Maya to do the same. She rings the bell by the side door of the house to go out, or when she’s hungry, or simple to say, “hey, what about me!”. Our first Christmas with her I had decorated the house and I had hung a jingle bell at the back deck door. Well, she discovered that she could tap that bell with her nose and it would get her out to the back. As you know by now, dogs are very smart. We are very proud of her. My love to all too.

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