The Royal Hospital Chelsea Museum and Souvenir Shop

The Royal Hospital Chelsea is not exactly a medical hospital but a retirement and nursing home for homeless, retired, and/or widowed, pensioners (veterans), known as the Royal Chelsea Pensioners. The Chelsea Pensioners wear bright red long coats as part of their uniform. The Royal Hospital Chelsea houses approximately 310 pensioners. The first female pensioner was finally admitted in 2009.

King Charles II decreed the founding of The Royal Hospital Chelsea in 1682 to provide soldiers with a fitting home. The word “hospital” was used back then to refer to a place that provided hospitality. The facilities designed by Sir Christopher Wren, are located on a majestic piece of land in today’s Royale Borough of Kensington and Chelsea next to the Thames River. The Royal Hospital Chelsea is where the famous annual Chelsea Flower Show is held.

After seeing a friend’s cute bag purchased at the Royal Hospital Chelsea gift shop, I ventured there with another friend to explore their souvenirs.

The Museum & Souvenir Shop

They have a very nice selection of gifts with all of their proceeds benefiting The Royal Hospital Chelsea. You can also shop on-line.

Royal Pensioner Souvenir Bag

More Gifts

For more information visit:


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