London Gets Ready for the Queen’s Jubilee

Regent Street Decorated for the Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her 60th year as the monarch of the United Kingdom this year. London is gearing up for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration to be held this coming weekend. It’s hard to justify the archaic institution of a monarchy in today’s world, but it appears it is more the allure of Queen Elizabeth herself than of the concept of monarchy that makes her loyal subjects such enthusiastic supporters. Thus, I am surrounded by royalists and I cannot blame them for their behaviors tor even I am getting caught up in the excitement. God Save the Queen!


There is going to be a party and we are all invited. You can’t help but feel the buzz in the city of London. Everyone is getting in on the preparations.

Oxford Street

The Union Jack flags are flying over streets and adorning hotel and store facades. Shops are decorating their windows with crowns, flags, and plastic Welsh Corgis.

Selfridge’s Store Window
Notice Corgi Driving
There’s that Corgi Again!
Penhaligon’s Perfumers

Food and drink manufacturers have joined in the sponsorship of the Jubilee by relabeling their products with the Union Jack flag. It’s an amazing display of support for Queen Elizabeth.

The souvenirs are awesome. Everything you can imagine is being sold with Jubilee emblem, crowns, the Union Jack flag, and pictures of Queen Elizabeth.

Souvenir Stall
Notice in the upper middle section the flag with the Queen’s face

There are cookie tins and tea tins. There are oven mitts, tea cozies, and tea towels.

“Steadfast and True”

Every pottery and china company has issued its version of the official Jubilee mug and plate. There is even a cookie jar in the shape of the Queen’s crown. There are special cookies, chocolates, and champagnes.

All You Need to Set the Table

By far my absolute, must have, favorite souvenir is the 6-inch statue of the Queen that runs on a solar power panel in her handbag and waves her hand. This is the next  YouTube video to go viral.

To read more about Queen Elizabeth and the Jubilee go to:

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The Big British Bang Celebration

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