Maya on a Misty Monday Morning

Misty Monday Morning at Regent’s Park
October 22, 2012 London

Today was one of those dark foggy London mornings when all you want to do is go back to bed. However, when you have a happy dog, like my Maya, waiting for her walk, there are no excuses to be had.

So off we went to Regent’s Park. Maya had places to go, doggie friends to meet, and squirrels to chase. I thought for sure this mist would burn off, but it stayed with us the whole day.

Even I ran into a friend at the park which brightened up my day. Thank goodness for Maya, my compass and guide for days like today.


One thought on “Maya on a Misty Monday Morning

  1. Loved hearing about Venice a city I love what a wonderful trip you had, Maya is such a delight and character she seems to love London when will you be coming home.

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