The Little Venice Walk with Maya

Little Venice is an area of London located north of Paddington, west of St. John’s Wood, and south of Maida Vale. It is a quaint neighborhood named after Venice in Italy because of its waterways that join together in a small central lake where the Paddington arm of the Grand Union Canal and the Regent’s canal meet.

Blomfield Avenue to the right.
Maida Avenue to the left.
Regent’s Canal leading to meet the Paddington Arm of Grand Union Canal in Little Venice

Little Venice – where the Paddington arm of the Grand Union Canal and the Regent’s canal meet.

Maya and I take this very scenic walk many mornings of the week. We walk down Blomfield Road along side Regent’s canal, we turn left on Warwick Avenue, we continue walking until we take an underpass below the street that ultimately brings us over a pedestrian bridge connecting to Sheldon Square with all of its office buildings and restaurants near Paddington station.

Walking through the Underpass
And Over the Canal
Sheldon Square in the back

We stop and pose by the commuter statues.

Commuter Sculpture walking Maya

From there we continue along the canal back to the Little Venice pond. We continue up the Paddington branch of the canal until we reach the bridge by the Waterway Restaurant and cross over. We continue on Formosa Street and make a right onto Warrington Crescent. Then we turn left onto Clifton Gardens. We pass through the Little Venice High Street. We cross over Maida Vale Road and complete our loop on Hamilton Terrace.

We walk by the canals filled with houseboats.  Some of the boats have such clever names.

Canality J’aime = Calamity Jane

I try to imagine what life on a canal house boat is like.

We watch swans make dramatic landings on the water.

Spring 2012
Fall 2012
Down the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal

In the winter months we witness beautiful sunrises. We also walk on grey and wet mornings.

November 2011 Sunrise

We pass commuters, walkers, and cyclists. We see the coffee drinkers at Starbucks. We greet other dog walkers and dogs. And most of all we stop to take in the views.

November 2012 –
Maya Enjoys the Sunrise
More like the Swan Landing

3 thoughts on “The Little Venice Walk with Maya

  1. Love this, Ariadne. I had no idea! How did I miss this in all my trips to London? How charming this is!!! Thanks for discovering and sharing!

  2. Nice overview of Little Venice. I haven’t spent time in that part of town but plan on taking the London Walks tour. The photo of Maya posing with the commuter statue is adorable!!!

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