Another Day in Maya’s London Life

One of Maya’s favorite pass times in London was going on adventurous walks. On this spring morning, Maya took us to some of her favorite London sights and shared some of her thoughts.


At the Wellington Arch

“You want me sitting where?”

DSCN0043 - Version 3_new

At Buckingham Palace

 “I cannot wait for my Corgi friends to come out and play in the Royal Gardens!”

DSCN0048 - Version 3_new

Standing by the Red Phone Booth

 “Indeed, one must admit to oneself that there is a presence of brilliant odours enveloping these boxes.”

DSCN0058 - Version 2_new

The Bobby by Big Ben

“Who’s Bobby and who’s Ben anyway?”

DSCN0060 - Version 2_new

On the Westminster Bridge with a View of the London Eye

 “We are allowed on the London underground and buses but not the fun ride. That’s not very nice and it makes me sad.”

DSCN0068 - Version 2_new

Across from The Parliament Building

 “Can I please, please, please jump in and swim?”

DSCN0078 - Version 2_new

At Westminster Abbey in Quiet Contemplation

“What is my life’s purpose? To eat, to sleep, and to go on walks but most importantly to teach my humans about love, patience, humility and loyalty.”


London Taxi Cab

 “My human says London cabbies are the best in the world… that’s interesting… ooh, I think I see a doggie friend over there.”

DSCN0086 - Version 2_new

Modeling Along the Mall

 “This is definitely getting old, can we please please just continue walking. I see another park down the road!”


Riding the Bus Home

 “I’m really tired now, oh but is that a potato chip I see over there?”

DSCN0108 - Version 2_new

Time for a Nap

“Exhaustion overtakes me… I must rest up today for tomorrow will bring another adventure. ”

DSC_5471 - Version 2_new



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