Putting Life in Perspective


In the mornings, the lotus comes out of the muddy waters to bloom again.

Sometimes life becomes complicated and we start fretting over decisions we must make. We allow the situation to control us and we become increasingly overwhelmed.

But then life throws you something that shakes you at the core and you realize that what you were suffering over or struggling about is not as important as you thought. You realize that your so-called problems are trivial in the grand scheme of life.

This is what happened to me this week. A dear high school friend lost her daughter. Her beautiful 26 year-old journalist daughter took her own life. My immediate reaction was of shock and terrible sadness. I wondered if my emotions were this strong, then how must a parent feel when they lose a child?

And as if that were not enough sad news for the week, I have been closely following the tragic news of the Nigerian girls abducted from their schools over two weeks ago by Islamist extremists. The number of missing girls is now 276, higher than originally thought. This week the authorities reported that they believe the girls are being sold as wives to some of the extremist abductors and that some have been taken to neighboring Chad, Cameroon. On top of this, the government has been very slow in taking action to try to find the missing girls, further upsetting the girls’ parents and Nigerian citizens. This week saw organized protests by hundreds of women in three different cities of Nigeria expressing their outrage.


The lotus flower: a symbol of rebirth, purity, clarity, and beauty.

I cannot fathom the emptiness and loss that my friend and her family are feeling right now. I cannot imagine the anguish that the parents of the kidnapped girls are suffering, or the despair of the girls. I almost envision these feelings as if I were torn in half and left to rot. I almost envision the physical sensation of gasping for air as if drowning and a heavy painful compression in my heart.

What I find almost miraculous is that in time, people recover from these adversities and begin to heal. I would imagine that the hurt does not go away completely, but that somehow people manage to rebuild themselves and their lives, perhaps not as they once were but in the end overcoming the tragedy. Somehow they find the courage that it takes to just get out of bed, to eat something, to be there for a surviving child and spouse, or to simply breathe. They find the courage to survive one day at a time.

My friend is a terrific lady and I know she and her family will remain strong and overcome this tragic event. I wish for her and her family a peaceful healing journey. I hope the kidnapped girls are found soon. I wish for them to be reunited with their families once again.

I started the week feeling somber about stuff going on in my life and I ended the week realizing that I needed to refocus my energy and thoughts because although the stuff in my life right now may be challenging it is far from being critical in the grand scheme of life.

I wish for you a peaceful day.



5 thoughts on “Putting Life in Perspective

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine anything worse for those mothers to endure, both your friend and the Nigerian women. My grandmother told me after my mother died that the worst thing that can happen to you is to have your children die before you. She outlived both of her children.

    May the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped be returned to their rightful families and your friend find peace somehow.

  2. Hello again Ariadne. Once more I just read your very deep writings that touched me deeply and made me compare what ever is going on in my life, does not compare with losing a child…so lets give thanks to God for having my family, my wonderful two daughters and two granddaughters, their health,and my health! that’s a treasure on its own… I’m thankful for every day! God bless you. Love Fabiola

  3. Ariadne, so sorry to hear of this tragedy. I wish your friends great strength to get them through this difficult time, to a place where they can be at peace with what has happened. Great that you share your thoughts on this though and help others to realize how blessed they are despite the difficulties they are facing. Whenever I am feeling low about things in my life, I do remind myself of all of the people in the world who have very difficult lives, even just for finding daily sustenance, and it helps to put things into perspective. In general, we need to be more focused on how blessed we are and it is tragedies like this that jolt us to remember this. Thanks for sharing. Jan xx

  4. Si Ariadne en esta vida como tu dices hay cosas tan tristes que a veces es bueno mirarlas para ver que las nuestras de una de de otra manera se van solucionando; cada cosa a su tiempo hasta que se llega a madurar. les deseo lo mejor “paz de mente y corazon . love Diana.

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