Passing Down “Words of Wisdom” to My Daughter

Last night, my daughter and I were laughing while reminiscing about something that happened to her when she was 1½ years old. The year was 2001 and my husband, children, and I were living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My in-laws had come to visit and we thought “Wouldn’t it be lovely to take my mother-in-law out on a boat ”. We knew my father-in-law would not join us because of his motion sickness. Anyway, we set sail on a warm, humid, overcast day, on a beautiful “clean” sailboat on the waters of the Bay of Banderas. And like most parents do, I packed snacks for our excursion.

Now, when we go back and look at some of the photographs of the trip we realize how much my daughter took a liking to “las papitas”, the potato chips that I packed. So much so, that she is either holding a chip in every picture, or has her hand in the bag of chips, or is pointing to the bag asking for more.

My daughter with "papitas" in hand.

My daughter with “papitas” in hand.

Grandma Mimi helping Clara with the potato chip bag.

Grandma Mimi helping Clara with the potato chip bag.

"Don't mind if I do"

“Don’t mind if I do”

"Looking good"

“Yummy, just can’t get enough of these”


Ah this blissful moment…

My Blissful Moment and my daughter pointing to the potato chip bag

My Blissful Moment and my daughter pointing to the potato chip bag and saying “Quiero mas papitas!”.

I’m living in the moment with the sea breeze blowing through my hair, the smell of sea salt in the air, the sound of the sails flapping in the wind, the view of the bow carving through the water, the dolphins jumping in the distance…This blissful moment would be abruptly interrupted by the explosive projectile vomiting sounds of the tiniest person on board. Yep, all those potato chips my sweet daughter had shoved down her cute little mouth would resurface and cover the deck of this very “clean” boat. In a frenzy, and probably saying something like “Ay, dios mio!, I started pulling out baby wipes and trying to clean the very smelly mess while fighting my gag reflex. I was so grateful because the boat crew appeared unflappable. They jumped into action to help me clean saying “Tranquila, no se preocupe”, “Relax, don’t worry”. It was kind of hard to relax after that but the good news was that my daughter had seemed unfazed throughout the whole episode and was probably feeling good enough to have a couple more “papitas”.

Funny how there are no pictures of our boating excursion after that point in time. I think I was probably traumatized and just wanted to get back to shore for a margarita. But the few photos that we took were enough to seal the memories in forever and give us plenty of material to make us laugh.

So this whole story came up again last night and we laughed all over again. At the end of the story I turned to my now 15-year old daughter with a serious face and jokingly said, “Note to self, no potato chips on a boat, remember that for when you are a parent someday”. To which she responded with a huge smile, “Hey, that’s a great idea for a baby shower gift for me one day, a list of parenting tips from you like that one!” Ah yes, how clever, I would begin documenting my words of wisdom to pass down to my daughter. First on my list, “laugh as often as you can with your child”, second on the list, “Do not bring potato chips on a boat” and the rest, well, that will take me some time to write because having children has taught me much more than I ever imagined and without them I would not have “words of wisdom” to share.




3 thoughts on “Passing Down “Words of Wisdom” to My Daughter

  1. What a fun story. And I appreciate your words of wisdom. Laughing with your children has got to be on top of my list – I wish I did that more and nag less. Thanks for the reminder – will try to find the “funny” in every day life.

  2. Thanks Ariadne for the reminder, I’ve been doing a lot of nagging lately: find a summer internship! find colleges you want to apply to! get your grades up! etc etc We all need to take the time to stop and tell funny stories and laugh 🙂

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