Happy Marty McFly Day

If you are a Back to the Future fan, you’ll know that today is the day that Doc programmed into his Delorean Time Machine to travel into the future to Oct 21, 2015 07:28.

I can tell you that I had no vision in 1985 of what today would be like for me. I only envisioned technological advances just like Hollywood did. So today I share with you the contents of my not very technologically advanced kitchen blackboard spelling out some of the day’s very ordinary events. I’m about to go prepare dinner for my family, some delicious chicken quesadillas, a freshly prepared salsa, and tostones (fried plantain). My two children, a junior and a senior in high school are busy doing homework. My son will work on his college essays later. My hubby is on a business trip. Our 8-year old chocolate lab and our 4-month old black lab are taking siestas after eating their dinners. I just took an apple crumble out of the oven. Today was just another ordinary autumn day, in the month of October of 2015, in our family life.

I take a few minutes to remember Back to the Future and laugh at reminiscing about Doc’s crazy hair and his flux capacitor. I’m happy to report that today’s ordinary events are the small things that add up to 1.21 Gigawatts of an extraordinary lifetime. Take time to enjoy today’s ordinary events because they were yesterday’s future that we so anticipated. Take time to enjoy today’s ordinary events because once they are over we don’t have a Delorean Time Machine to go back.

Happy Marty McFly Day!!!

On Our Kitchen Board Today

On Our Kitchen Board Today


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