I Am The Speed Limit – 55


Today I am turning 55. I was a bit apprehensive with such a milestone birthday. It sounded very daunting to be at the midpoint between 50 and 60, the jumping point down a slippery slope of sorts.

It was with said apprehension that I quietly shared with my hairstylist yesterday that I was turning 55 today. She immediately lit up and told me that to this day she vividly remembers riding in the back seat of her grandmother’s car and saying to her, “Mimom, you are the speed limit!” Her grandmother did not find this funny at the time but I sure did. My hairstylist also complimented me and said that my 55 looked nothing like her grandmother’s 55. Funny, how life has a way of sending us positive messages at the right time to help change our attitudes!

So today I am the speed limit – 55. I never associated the speed limit sign with an age, especially not my own. However, for the next year I will see my age posted all over the roads and be reminded that it’s pretty cool to have reached this speed limit. And to think that I’ll have other speed limits to achieve and even break! I’ll keep my eye on the road and enjoy the ride, a small reminder to me that the journey is what fills our life with purpose.


"With lots of wind in my hair, here's to the continued journey, and to being the speed limit. Salud!"

“With lots of wind in my hair, here’s to the continued journey, and to being the speed limit. Salud!”


8 thoughts on “I Am The Speed Limit – 55

  1. Love your post.  You are an inspiration. And by the way you look fabulous for 55 (or any age for that matter). Happy Birthday, Sherri

  2. Great article and again, happy birthday. Just remember, you are only as old as you feel. I’m still living in my 20’s and do not intend to move forward. Life is good and great, so embrace every moment. 😄🍷🎉🍸🌺

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