Saving Private Gumby

One morning on my walk with my dog, Maya, I found Gumby hiding in the brush on the side of the road. Although Gumby was clearly worn out and exhausted, he remained in good spirits. Excited with my newfound treasure I carefully placed him in my pocket and brought him home.

Gumby happy to be rescued!

Gumby happy to be rescued!


After a good rest and a sudsy bath I found Gumby a perfect spot in my kitchen. He waves hello everyday, reminding me to remain young at heart and to not take myself too seriously.


Gumby’s new home over the kitchen computer.










For those of you who are too young to remember Gumby, here is a link that will share information about this children’s television show made with clay animation in the 1950’s. The show ran through the 1960’s which is when I had the chance to enjoy it.  Gumby and his horse Pokey were the main characters.




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