What the Dr. Prescribed

The best remedy for days like today is to keep the mind busy, go back to work or school, and focus on the task at hand. I for one am playing Christmas Piano Music while I assemble my Winter village. I am also thinking that a good batch of homemade cookies is in order.

Find what is positive in your life today, at this very moment, and build upon that. Is it a loved one or maybe the beautiful colors of autumn, is it your furry friend or a beautiful song, or perhaps it is the simple act of breathing. Do a kindness for some one. Practice mindfulness.

It’s back to work for me because:


This plus



Will equal this

Will equal this


and this!


3 thoughts on “What the Dr. Prescribed

  1. Good advice! I’ve always loved your Christmas village, Ariadne. It’s now so grand! I remember back in 2001 when it only took up a small corner of your family room! You go, girl!

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