A Sad Truth

The Internet is full of stories about the hate crime and racial targeting going on right now. In some cases, it is hard to discern the legitimacy of the source. However, to think that it does not happen is a travesty. I want to share two e:mails that we received from the President of my son’s university. The first one came last night and the second one this morning. This hits too close to home. It is a sad truth.







2 thoughts on “A Sad Truth

  1. Interesting topic. We recently had a similar enough incident at my daughter’s school here in NYC (Hunter College High School) and have in both cases been disappointed at the reaction of school officials.

    For one, I particularly don’t understand why they always stress that the people who were the object of the bullying will receive “counseling” and lots of useless but confidential attention, creating this victims’ atmosphere. Authorities should instead react by celebrating the culture from which the people attacked came from, celebrating the people, and providing them not with counseling but with an advantage of sorts. For example, reduce their tuition, forgive some loans or give them a scholarship. That will then transform the bullying, because instead of people being put down, and ashamed even more by the counseling, it will be like they hit the jackpot. Who would bully someone if those were the consequences?

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