My New Blog

I have started a second blog called The Kitchen Blackboard. It is a family journal of menus, quotes, and everyday life.

I will continue to blog here but I invite you to also visit and follow The Kitchen Blackboard.

Please visit at:


The Kitchen Blackboard
That’s me updating The Kitchen Blackboard holding our brand new addition to the family back in August of 2015. Updating the board while holding the puppy did not last long.




2 thoughts on “My New Blog

  1. Dear Ariadne,

    Really enjoyed your blog on being in London .
    We are also thinking of the American School in London. Do you know if they put emphasis on transcripts or the tests? Was it a good experience for you and the kids? Thank you:)

    1. Hi Mahni,
      Our family loved living in London. I totally recommend expat experiences. We also loved the American School in London. If you go to their website you’ll see their admission requirements. They have standardized test requirements for middle and high school. The earlier you apply the better chances of getting in. Many things are taken into consideration in the admission process. Availability of spots also plays a huge role. good luck

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