Eggplant White Parmigiana

One of my Italian friends shared a link for a recipe for Parmigiana Bianca Di Melanzane or Eggplant White Parmigiana on her Facebook page. Since eggplant is in season I decided to try this layered eggplant dish with mozzarella that turned out to be a huge success with the family. The recipe calls for Pesto sauce so I have included the link to my homemade … Continue reading Eggplant White Parmigiana

Enjoying the Bounty of Homegrown Herbs: It’s Easy and Delicious

I love cooking with fresh herbs. For the last eight summers I have been growing herbs in large pots on my deck. Not only are they beautiful to look at but I also think it is very cool to open the deck door from my kitchen and step out to harvest fresh herbs for a recipe. I have experimented with growing different types of herbs. … Continue reading Enjoying the Bounty of Homegrown Herbs: It’s Easy and Delicious

Por Supuesto, Es Tiempo Para Pesto

  “Por Supuesto, Es Tiempo Para Pesto” translates into “Of Course, It’s Time for Pesto”. To say that our family loves Pesto is an understatement. So in high school when my daughter was learning transition words in Spanish class she thought it was pretty cool that the word Supuesto rhymed with Pesto. That’s when she came up with the jingle, “Por Supuesto, Es Tiempo Para … Continue reading Por Supuesto, Es Tiempo Para Pesto

The Empty Nester Food Project

This past August my husband and I helped our youngest daughter move into her college dorm for her freshman year. While we did this, our older son moved by himself into his apartment for his sophomore year. And just like that we were officially “empty nesters”. When we got home I left to the kennel immediately to pick up our two labs, Maya and Jessie. … Continue reading The Empty Nester Food Project

What, No Light Salad Dressing?

When my husband and I moved to Brussels in 1997 many things changed in our lives. There were the obvious things like switching countries, homes, job, leaving career (for me), having babies overseas, making new friends and so forth and so on.   One of the most impactful changes for us was how we viewed food and the preparation of food. Before moving to Europe, … Continue reading What, No Light Salad Dressing?