My Yogurt Lunch


Here is one of my favorite lunches to have at home:

  • Greatest Granola in the Universe (see link below)
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Banana
  • Flaxseed meal
  • Chia seeds

Combine the ingredients and enjoy!

Greatest Granola in the Universe:



My New Blog

I have started a second blog called The Kitchen Blackboard. It is a family journal of menus, quotes, and everyday life.

I will continue to blog here but I invite you to also visit and follow The Kitchen Blackboard.

Please visit at:


The Kitchen Blackboard

That’s me updating The Kitchen Blackboard holding our brand new addition to the family back in August of 2015. Updating the board while holding the puppy did not last long.



A Sad Truth

The Internet is full of stories about the hate crime and racial targeting going on right now. In some cases, it is hard to discern the legitimacy of the source. However, to think that it does not happen is a travesty. I want to share two e:mails that we received from the President of my son’s university. The first one came last night and the second one this morning. This hits too close to home. It is a sad truth.






What the Dr. Prescribed

The best remedy for days like today is to keep the mind busy, go back to work or school, and focus on the task at hand. I for one am playing Christmas Piano Music while I assemble my Winter village. I am also thinking that a good batch of homemade cookies is in order.

Find what is positive in your life today, at this very moment, and build upon that. Is it a loved one or maybe the beautiful colors of autumn, is it your furry friend or a beautiful song, or perhaps it is the simple act of breathing. Do a kindness for some one. Practice mindfulness.

It’s back to work for me because:


This plus



Will equal this

Will equal this


and this!

Saving Private Gumby

One morning on my walk with my dog, Maya, I found Gumby hiding in the brush on the side of the road. Although Gumby was clearly worn out and exhausted, he remained in good spirits. Excited with my newfound treasure I carefully placed him in my pocket and brought him home.

Gumby happy to be rescued!

Gumby happy to be rescued!


After a good rest and a sudsy bath I found Gumby a perfect spot in my kitchen. He waves hello everyday, reminding me to remain young at heart and to not take myself too seriously.


Gumby’s new home over the kitchen computer.










For those of you who are too young to remember Gumby, here is a link that will share information about this children’s television show made with clay animation in the 1950’s. The show ran through the 1960’s which is when I had the chance to enjoy it.  Gumby and his horse Pokey were the main characters.



Why I Like to Run

My husband and children started a new tradition in 2013 when they baked me a celebratory chocolate cake after running my first half-marathon.


Let me tell you that I now await with great enthusiasm and appetite my chocolate cake after a race. And truth be told, I would be very disappointed if there was no cake. (hint to my husband when he reads this)


So perhaps you were anticipating a more philosophical or scientific explanation as to why I run. I would like to say that I enjoy the inner peace I feel when I run or perhaps it’s the release of endorphins, or simply that I like staying fit. Well, here it is, I run for the delicious double-layer fudgy chocolate cake that awaits me at the end of a race. Wouldn’t you?_dsc2964_new



Yay! Chocolate Cake Forever!

PS Chocolate comes from the cacao tree which is considered a fruit tree. So there you have it another good reason to love chocolate cake.