Maya, the Center of the Family Universe & the Center of the Family Board Game

Maya making sure she gets Love.

Maya making sure she takes her turn, for love.

To say that our dog, Maya, has become the center of our family universe is an understatement. We gravitate around her and surround her with love 99.99% of the time. She is a “love bug” who looks to be part of everything possible. And if for some reason, you are distracted, or not paying proper attention to her, or focused on something else, like a board game for instance, she’ll make sure to remind you that she exists. Sometimes she stares at you and whimpers for attention, sometimes she nudges you with her head, or sometimes she simply lays across the board game to take her turn, for love.

A couple of winters ago my daughter and I were attempting to play a board game until our Maya decided the center of the board game was a good place to rest and to make sure she joined the “party”. My daughter got up quickly to get the camera and capture the moment. How could we resist giving Maya love.

As we like to say in our home, Maya’s theme song is the song by the Beatles  “All You Need is Love”.  All that Maya needs is Love. All she needs is love, love. Love is all she needs.