Healthy Marble Banana Bread

Imagine the benefits of a fruit and a vegetable combined into a delicious tasting treat.  One of our family’s favorite breakfast/snack/dessert breads is Marble Banana Bread. It has banana, a great source of natural energy, coupled with the antioxidants of chocolate.  And yes, chocolate is a vegetable in my house. I came across the original recipe in a Cooking Light cookbook. However, I combined that … Continue reading Healthy Marble Banana Bread

Colombian Kheema Matar

  A Story of Food, Friendship, and Finicky Eaters When we lived in Westport, CT one of our dearest and closest friends were from India. We spent countless evenings talking, laughing, dancing, drinking, and mainly eating. Some gatherings were planned and others were very spontaneous. We would telephone each other and the next thing we knew we would have planned a feast of Indian, Colombian, … Continue reading Colombian Kheema Matar