Happy Birthday Maya!

Today we are celebrating our dog, Maya’s, 10th birthday. She was named Maya after the Maya Indians of Mexico who were the first to make chocolate with the cacao bean and Maya is a chocolate lab.

When we brought her home in May of 2007 …

The early years…







All grown up…













The London years…


Her working years…

Her big sister years…



Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl Maya!

May we enjoy many more wonderful years together!

Everyday with you is a celebration!




Marathon Maya Takes The Gold

It seems the sporting world missed one amazing performance.

Marathon Maya

Maya took the Gold Medal in the Regent’s Park Marathon during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Maya Accepting Her Gold Medal

Even with fierce competition, no one could out run this powerful athlete.

Maya Posing with the Olympic Mascots at the Park

After hours of interviews and posing for the paparazzi, Maya was humbled by the experience.

“Please, it’s nothing, anyone could have done it.”
“Thank you to all my supporters and fans”