The Empty Nester Food Project

This past August my husband and I helped our youngest daughter move into her college dorm for her freshman year. While we did this, our older son moved by himself into his apartment for his sophomore year. And just like that we were officially “empty nesters”. When we got home I left to the kennel immediately to pick up our two labs, Maya and Jessie. … Continue reading The Empty Nester Food Project

Our Culinary Thanksgiving

To say that our family loves food would be an understatement. So when a special occasion like Thanksgiving comes around it is a major project of entertainment and culinary delight for all. It all begins with the menu selection. Then come days of what I like to call hunting and gathering, a.k.a. food shopping. And finally the fun begins with the preparation. Both my husband and I enjoy … Continue reading Our Culinary Thanksgiving

Enjoying the Christmas Holiday Preparations

The most exciting part of the Christmas holiday for me is the preparation leading up to it. So I really try to enjoy and make the most of all the aspects of the preparation: decorating, sending out cards, the gift shopping and wrapping, making Christmas cookies, the food shopping and cooking, watching Christmas movies, sharing time with friends and family, and my absolute favorite, listening … Continue reading Enjoying the Christmas Holiday Preparations

Colombian Kheema Matar

  A Story of Food, Friendship, and Finicky Eaters When we lived in Westport, CT one of our dearest and closest friends were from India. We spent countless evenings talking, laughing, dancing, drinking, and mainly eating. Some gatherings were planned and others were very spontaneous. We would telephone each other and the next thing we knew we would have planned a feast of Indian, Colombian, … Continue reading Colombian Kheema Matar