Guacamole, A Family Affair

There is nothing more delicious than freshly made guacamole and it’s so easy to prepare. Our family loves cooking together and we often make guacamole. Recently, my son, Connor, who loves to help in the kitchen with anything that involves chopping, helped prepare the onion and smashed the guacamole. My husband, Curt, and daughter, Clara, the family photographers, helped stage the photo shoot. And well, … Continue reading Guacamole, A Family Affair

How to Snorkel Without Getting Your Hair Wet

First, let me begin by saying that when you have a daughter who enjoys photography, the chances of you being photographed in a non-flattering way are extremely high. As they say, we all have to laugh at ourselves once in while, so when our family saw this picture we all laughed out loud. And so I share the following picture taken during our holiday in … Continue reading How to Snorkel Without Getting Your Hair Wet

Spring Break in the Maldives

Before we moved to London we had no idea what the Maldives were. We had heard of Mauritius and Seychelles but the Maldives? After getting a very positive recommendation from a friend we decided to visit. Interesting Facts The Republic of the Maldives is an island nation located in the Indian ocean southwest of India and Sri Lanka. It is a 10 hour flight from … Continue reading Spring Break in the Maldives