The Blizzard of 2016

Mother Nature delivered on her promise. The Blizzard of 2016 started on the evening of Friday January 22nd and continued through Saturday January 23rd. Approximately 30 inches of snow blanketed our area of West Chester, PA.


My husband and son did several passes of snow blowing and shoveling on Saturday.

On Sunday we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. We went to play in the snow.


Trekking on unchartered territories!

Trekking on unchartered territories!

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

Jessie, our puppy, discovering the joy of snow!

Jessie, our puppy, discovering the joy of snow!

Our seasoned snow expert, Maya, taking it all in!

Our seasoned snow expert, Maya, taking it all in!

Resting after playing in the snow.

Maya and Jessie resting after playing in the snow.



A Winter Village

This year I got inspired to set up my holiday winter village in early November. This ritual begins the holiday season for me. As I write this, I’m looking at the snow coming down. Although we are only expecting two to four inches of snow, it is enough to turn the outside into a real winter village.Thanksgiving is “beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.


My Winter Village 2014


Snowing the day before Thanksgiving 2014 - A Real Winter Village

Snowing the day before Thanksgiving 2014
A Real Winter Village

Maya & the Ginkgo Tree, Part II

Maya Awaits Winter

Maya Awaits Winter

Maya waited

With patience and hope

For winter to come

With all of its snow.

She sat on the hill

On top of the leaves

That’d fallen from Gingko

Awaiting the freeze.

The Snowflakes Arrive!

The Snowflakes Arrive!

And suddenly like magic

The snowflakes came down

On Maya they landed

And on leaves on the ground

Maya rejoiced

For winter was here

She frolicked in snow

She ran far and near

Maya Frolicking In the Snow!

Maya Frolicking In the Snow!

Reminding me

Of what really counts

To play and have fun

When winter abounds

The solstice arrived

A change it now brings

The days now get longer

While Maya plans spring.

Maya & The Ginkgo Tree

Maya Under Her Gingko Tree

Maya Under Her Ginkgo Tree

Once upon a time

There was a Ginkgo tree

With fan-shaped leaves

So delicate and green

Then summer ended

Crisp autumn arrived

The Ginkgo turned gold

Its leaves bright and alive

It was one fine day

When Maya stood near

Enjoying the view

And the time of the year

Then without warning

The gold leaves fell down

Descending on Maya

Ginkgo losing its crown

Maya pondered

Deeply in thought

Sir Newton was right

About what he taught

Maya Deep in Thought on the Pond of Leaves

Maya Deep in Thought on the Pond of Leaves

She sat in the pond

Of crispy gold leaves

Counting the days

To snow and the freeze

Because Maya is happy

No matter the time

The weather, the month

To her it’s sublime

The Seasons of Regent’s Park

When you visit London or live here one of the first things that impacts you is the amazing amount of green space.  London boasts nine city parks. The closest park to me is The Regent’s Park.

The Map of Regents Park

Join Maya and me on our last ten months of visits to Regent’s park beginning in August of 2011 in the summer, through the fall, through the winter of 2012, and then to the glorious transition back to spring.  What I don’t have are pictures to show you of some very rainy, wet, and muddy days that we’ve had this spring. The English are not kidding about their April showers. All I can share is that Maya does not care about the weather and loves it all the same. She’s helped me embrace London weather.

August 2011

Fall in Regents Park
November 2011

Sunrise in the Winter
January 2012

Snowy day at the Park
February 2012

Maya In Front of the Boating Lake
February 2012

Mysterious Misty March Day
March 2012

Maya Waiting to Say Hello
March 2012

Pedestrian Bridge in Winter
February 2012

King Henry VIII reserved the grounds of the park for hunting. Today the park is home to the London Zoo, an open-air theater, cafes, restaurants, lakes, and many sports’ fields. The park is 197 square hectares in size, approximately ¾ of a square mile. What Maya and I love the most is that the park allows dogs off leash in a vast majority of its space. There are some restrictions like dogs having to be on leash in some areas or dogs not being allowed in the ornamental gardens. Every time we walk in the park Maya meets lots of doggie friends. She also manages to say hello to a few human friends as well. We prefer to visit the park in the mornings since this is when most dog owners are out walking.

Same Pedestrian Bridge in Spring
May 2012

Maya and the Daffodils
March 2012

Maya Staring at Activity at the London Zoo
March 2012

Wild Thing
May 2012

Maya Bored from Having to Pose with More Sculptures
May 2012

Maya in Front of the Children’s Boating Lake
May 2012

Spring is in the Air
May 2012

To Learn more about London’s parks go to: