Maya & the Ginkgo Tree, Part II

Maya waited With patience and hope For winter to come With all of its snow. She sat on the hill On top of the leaves That’d fallen from Gingko Awaiting the freeze. And suddenly like magic The snowflakes came down On Maya they landed And on leaves on the ground Maya rejoiced For winter was here She frolicked in snow She ran far and near … Continue reading Maya & the Ginkgo Tree, Part II

The Seasons of Regent’s Park

When you visit London or live here one of the first things that impacts you is the amazing amount of green space.  London boasts nine city parks. The closest park to me is The Regent’s Park. Join Maya and me on our last ten months of visits to Regent’s park beginning in August of 2011 in the summer, through the fall, through the winter of … Continue reading The Seasons of Regent’s Park