The Other 5th Real Beatle

In case you were unaware there was a 5th Beatle member see picture below.

Today, I came across this picture that I took with the boys. It made me laugh and today I needed some cheering up. “In My Life”,  I am turning to humor to get me through the “Long and Winding Road Ahead”. The recent “Helter Skelter” of our “Tax Man” is making me scream “Help”. Hopefully, “We Can Work It Out” and “Come Together” with a “Little Help From My Friends”.

Me and the Boys



What the Dr. Prescribed

The best remedy for days like today is to keep the mind busy, go back to work or school, and focus on the task at hand. I for one am playing Christmas Piano Music while I assemble my Winter village. I am also thinking that a good batch of homemade cookies is in order.

Find what is positive in your life today, at this very moment, and build upon that. Is it a loved one or maybe the beautiful colors of autumn, is it your furry friend or a beautiful song, or perhaps it is the simple act of breathing. Do a kindness for some one. Practice mindfulness.

It’s back to work for me because:


This plus



Will equal this

Will equal this


and this!